We are passionate about achieving better results in our kids—results that go beyond and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

Gifted Kids Christian Academy is an English scholastic institution based in Douala Cameroon. Created and legalized under matricule number 144/A/501/A/MINEDUB/SG/DSEPB, We are providers of quality early childhood, kindergarten and elementary education.

We are passionate about achieving better results in our kids—results that go beyond and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

Since its creation, GKCA is dedicated to providing quality education, building young minds through a process of instruction that would permit and cultivate high levels of achievements in diverse domains in life.

We provide a solid foundation for the young minds in our care, building core values of love, respect and solidarity, presenting all as unique, qualified and special.

Who we operate for:

Gifted kids Christian academy (GKCA) endeavours to reach the children population of our community through the provision of quality education and child care. The academy which started modestly has rapidly become parents’ first choice for various reasons: reported unprecedented changes in pupils with difficulties, committed founders to quality child care and education, its solid Christian foundations, Its rich Christian and moral education,

its combination of national and international curriculum which opens pupils to international culture,its committed and highly skilled teaching staff, a one on one system of learning with a maximum of fifteen (15) pupils per class room, emphasis on human capital development, thorough medical and sanitary follow-up, word-of-mouth, and a conducive learning environment.


We aim at providing

  • - High standard of excellent and quality education on both national and international level;
  • - Sound Christian education;
  • - Comfortable, safe, secured and friendly study environment.

Our vision

To maintain a time-honored tradition of excellence and scholastic distinction, raising high the banner of our maxim (Quality Education Is the Guarantee for Excellence), a conducive environment has been created in GKCA which permits positive social interaction for the pupils,

who nurtured according to the high spiritual, moral, ethical, educational standards, values and ideals, are carefully guided to show forth excellence and character.

Our uniqueness

  • - Dual education system with the local and international curriculum (A Beka curriculum)
  • - We facilitate intervention of pupils in any environment from a tender age;
  • - Provide a holistic education that carters for the whole being;
  • - Offer foreign languages ( Chinese, German and Spanish) for international integration;

A devoted team

A carefully chosen staff of supportive, patient, selfless, loving, caring, devoted instructors with deep Christian convictions highly qualified to understand children’s specific needs and endowed with the were-withal to meet them, guide the children through difficult academic challenges.

These friendly qualities they show forth, creates a friendly environment which fosters academic excellence.