Kindergartners have fun while learning the basics—reading, writing, and numbers—and so much more!


For over 6 years, parents have trusted GKCA to provide their children the foundation they need to reach their full potential. A well-structured, Christian-based program of study of both national and international origin emphasizes mastery of the fundamentals vital to each student’s success for years to come.

GKCA students perform well above average national standards. The reason for these impressive performances is because of what they’ve learned and how they’ve learned it; the curriculum and methods used at GKCA are shown to be effective year after year.

The curriculum in GKCA goes beyond students mastering educational facts. It stimulates the mind of the learners, build confidence and creativity in each child.

Each student is expected and encouraged to perform to his maximum potential. At GKCA, your child will be formed into a creative thinker and a discerning individual fully equipped with the knowledge necessary for future academic endeavors and life as a whole.

With the awareness that quality education and future academic excellence is built on a very solid foundation, GKCA has introduced a fun-deriving game learning approach for the kid, enabling them to learn the basics of phonics, identifying letters, pronouncing, reading, writing and arithmetic as a game.

Our blended curriculum, which includes the Cameroon national curriculum and the Abeka Curriculum, offers diversity to our learners while conserving our cultural uniqueness.

Our pupils also learn valuable habits that prepare them effectively for grade school.

Start your child on a journey of life-long learning with excellent Christian academics at GKCA.

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